Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Seattle pictures and highlights

It is spring break and we got back from Seattle last night. Let me start by saying, I love school breaks. It is so nice to relax, not worry about drop offs and pick ups. I can't wait until Summer vacation when I get a three month break from all of that.
We went to Seattle for a few days. We had fun, but everyone was glad to sleep at home last night. The boys both slept in late this morning. We stayed at a hotel by the Space Needle. It was a good location and a decent hotel. I can do without sleeping in the same room as my kids. The hotel also had hot water issues, so if you did not grab a shower first thing in the morning, you were out of luck. We did complain about this and get a discount off our room. One thing they had was a breakfast buffet which we enjoyed.

We used some of our memberships to keep the cost of the trip down. The first place we went was Woodland Park Zoo, where we got in with our Oregon Zoo membership. They had an Easter Egg hunt going on. Both boys enjoyed the hunt. They just gave out empty eggs and wanted the kids to recyle them and then get candy as they left. Liam is a total pack-rat, hoarder, so there was no way he was letting go of his eggs. We did dump a few out so he could carry his bag. We offered to hold it for him several times so he could climb and get around better and he would not let go of it.

After we left the zoo, we drove down towards Puget Sound to see if we could find a park where we could eat lunch. The first miracle was that I did not get lost. I have spent more time in my life lost in Seattle then I would like to admit. I was able to find the major streets and go down to Golden Garden park. This is very nice park. The beaches are great and there is a great wetland area. They boys were thrilled to see a beach. Liam would not even eat lunch, he insisted on playing on the beach. We were there for a couple of hours. The best part of this was that like the zoo, the beach was free.
I would love to live in that part of Seattle and on nice days, just grab the kids and spend the day at the beach.

We woke up to rain on Sunday (just like the weather forcast said). We went to the Seattle Science center (also free because of our OMSI membership). I went there with Christan in Septemember and we have yet to see the entire center. It is so big and there is so much to do. I also like the Seattle Science center because it is close to a Starbucks and when I went out to get David and I drinks, they let me bring them back in without giving me attitude.
They have a wonderful butterfly garden there, but next time we go, I need to take my Zyrtec. It was very pollinated and I had a bad allergy attack after being in there.

We got up early Monday morning and drove up to Anacortes to catch the San Juan ferry. We missed the ferry and had to wait at the terminal for a while. We found an outlet and grabbed the portable DVD player from the car. I have never been more thankful for technology than I was yesturday morning.

After a long wait, the ferry finally came and we enjoyed a wonderful ride through the islands. Liam gets motion sickness, so we had to give him medicine before the ride. The medicine keeps him from throwing up on us, which we like, but it makes him very tired and irritable. He had a rough time and fell asleep on the ride between Friday Harbor and Orcas Island.

frames by Julie Bullock - Grateful 4 U


Julie Marie said...

Sounds like a great time in Seattle!

AfriDigiDiva said...

Cool photos and I really like those frames!

AfriDigiDiva said...

Cool photos and I really like those frames!

lorig said...

Sounds like you had a great trip and you have some fun photos from it.

Rina said...

Hey there, Michelle (*waving at you from Seattle*) LOL! Looks like you all had a fabulous time visiting my part of the world - aren't Woodland Park Zoo and the Pacific Science Center just the funnest for kids? The scenery around Golden Beach is so lovely and I just LOVE the ferry rides! Laughing about getting lost in the Seattle traffic, but at least it seems like you got a spot of sunshine during your break :).