Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Papaya Smoothies

The boys and I went to New Seasons (a local organic grocery store) yesturday. I usually park back by the loading dock when we go and when I got there I noticed that there were boxes outside the back door with food in them and a sign saying that the produce and bread was free. I grabbed a box of papayas and melons thinking I could feed them to the chickens. When I brought the box home, I looked over the fruit and saw that it was bruised, but still edible. I cut up a papaya for the boys. They did not want to eat the fruit plain, but then I tossed some into the food processor with some vanilla yogurt. I had a hit on my hands. I ended up making a second batch of smoothies with Liam crying while I made it because he wanted seconds so much.
I will be over in that neighborhood tommorow to get my hair cut and I will be checking out the loading dock for more free fruit.
Here are my latest layouts and projects
I used a kit called Grateful 4 U which was a free kit created by several designers as an appreciation gift to creative team members. It is a beautiful kit and I am enjoying playing with it.

We are finally letting the boys play with the big boy Legos, we still only let Liam play with them under adult supervision. They both love them. Chrisitan likes to build things with wheels. I saw a big educational box of legos with wheels to build cars and such. I hope I can find a smaller package. I used Pack o dots muted colors by Green Elephant Designs by Nicoli and Several items by Natalie Bird for this layout. Check out Natalie's store here.

I did this layout for a challenge at Weeds and wildflowers. The dried flowers are available at their blog as a freebie. Check them out on the bottom of my links list to the right.

This is a hybrid project I did last weekend. I bought the letters at Michaels and a bottle of Mod podge. I used Cotton and Cologne by Liz Thompson. This kit has great Easter colors.

I love this picture that Christian posed for last week. Check out my gallery link to the right for credits.


AfriDigiDiva said...

You make the coolest layouts!

DawnMarch said...

Really? Papayas? My kids will eat Mangos but not Papayas. Maybe the shake thing would work -- I'll have to try it!

Teresa said...

We just moved to big kid legos yesterday! I have fun making the things for my girls. I took pics to scrap our first day of fun! Love seeing the pics of your boys together! :)

JanMary said...

Wonderful layouts!

Free fruit for smoothies - what a gift :)

Donna B. Miller said...

I haven't tried papayas in smoothies, but I will now. Smoothies are my grandson's favorite treat. Your layouts are beautiful, as always.

Jane said...

Love your work Michelle - how do you fit it all in? And that smoothie sounds gorgeous...