Monday, March 10, 2008

Gardens and layouts

We have been working a lot in our garden lately. We have been preparing the soil with coffee grounds from Starbucks, chicken droppings and compost. We planted the first seeds yesturday. We will plant onions, potatos and garlic soon. I hope all this preperation pays off.
Here are several layouts I have been working on.
I used Touch of Class by Sherri Tierney

This layout used My Little Star by Amanda Geils, In Stitches and Stitched Alpha by Becki Kress, Newspaper Alpha by Julie Bullock, Realistic Rips - Edge by Grace Bennett

I used Altered by Honie Designs

This layout used Bunny Trails by Lindsay Jane Designs

I used Spring Meadow by Lindsay Jane Designs


Donna B. Miller said...

Every time spring rolls around, I start longing to live in the country and to raise a garden as I did when I was a child. Your layouts are lovely.

Miranda Buijs said...

Wonderful layouts..guess it won't take long before we will do our first gardening this year. Everything is already growing slowly..

Dielle said...

Oh, I need to get my fanny in gear to prep for my garden. We moved to a new area and the soil is amazing and dark... but with crazy amounts of rocks.

Beautiful spring LOs, thanks for sharing them!