Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nasty Bruises & Tetnus shots

I know my title looks like it links bruises and Tetnus shots, but the are really seperate issues.
Yesturday in ballet we were doing the Adagio and the teacher wanted us to drop down on one knee. We did the dance several times. I remember feeling a bit of pain around my knee, but it was not enough to make me stop and think about it. I finished class and rode by bike home and when I got home, I was changing my clothes I noticed a nasty bruise on the side of my knee. It doesn't hurt much, but I am glad that it is too cold for shorts because it looks nasty.
I went to the doctor for the dizziness and she said it is vertigo and it is an inner-ear thing that should clear itself up, but if it doesn't there is this procedure where they tilt my head around to the little rock like things in the inner-ear where they belong. They told me I was due for my tetnus shot when I had to get the IV anti-biotics in August. Since I still had the line in and my finger was in nasty shape, I did not want to do anything else to my body. I also felt my immune system had enough work to do.
I told them I would go on ahead and get the booster today and they gave me the paper work to review and it says very clearly that you are not to get the booster if you have a bad cold or infection. I saw a resident on that previous visit not my doctor and when I told her why I did not want the shot in August, she said I made a good call on it. It has been 12 hours and I have almost no pain in the arm. Maybe I will not have the problems this time I had in the past.
Since we are on a health theme...Liam has a cold this week. I am glad he will let me give him honey for the cough this year. Last year he would not take the honey.
Christian is nice and healthy. He has too much energy. I pointed out to him today that if he was in a class room in a school, he would not be allowed to jump around and run off every few minutes like he does at home. He is still learning with all the squirming and fidgeting, so I guess that is all that counts.

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Melissa said...

Wow, you'll be keeping the doctor in business. I get vertigo too, it's very unpleasant. I've got some exercises to do when it comes on.