Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

The boys and I went Trick or Treating tonight. I was exhausted because I opened today. I dressed like Sarah Palin for work this morning. My feet were sore from heels, so I decided to take the boys out in a more Alaska - out doorsy theme and put on a flannel shirt. Walking around in Portland, Oregon with my hair up, wearing jeans and a flannel shirt just does not stand out as unusual.

I did a couple of hybrid projects this week. The boys and I made treat bags using Starbucks handle bags.

Credits: October Magic by Lindsay Jane Designs
This is a Blessings Box. Christian is writing down something he is thankful for everyday and Liam is telling us something and we write it down. We will read them all on Thanksgiving. So far they are thankful for God, the number 100,000 and free samples at Trader Joes. I might take these and make a layout with them.

Credits: Stuffed by Shawna Clingerman, Libby Weifenbach & Melissa Bennett
Here are two layouts I did.

Credits: Template from Lindsay Jane's Blog. Kit: Golden Falls by Lindsay Jane Designs

Credits: Fall Out, Corn Maize, Thanksgiving Brushes by Melissa Bennett, Frame by Penny Springman
I have owned a jogging stroller since Christian was a baby and today, for the first time, I used it as a jogging stroller. Christian rode his bike and I jogged while pushing Liam in the stroller. He only weighs 31 lbs. He is lighter then many one year olds. I need to work on getting a good posture while running with the stoller.

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The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

that is so funny about the free samples at TJs. me too!