Monday, October 13, 2008

scary night

I was watching Brothers and Sisters last night and I kept hearing Liam coughing in his room. I was listening carefully to make sure it was not athsma or croup. He had a big coughing fit and then Christian started yelling. I ran in and Liam had vommited his dinner all over the bed. He had even slept in it for a while. He got some on Christian's blanket, which started the screaming.
We moved Christian to our bed. David took are of the sheets and I took Liam into the bathtub. We got Christian back to his room by telling him that if he stayed with Liam, he might get sick too. I "slept" with Liam last night. I put sleep in air quotes because it is hard to sleep with his feet in my back. He likes to be attached to another person in his sleep. He usually sleeps with Christian. David was feeling queasy yesturday and last night, I thought I might need to take my turn at the toilet after Liam.
We are going camping on Thursday and we want everyone healthy. I am skipping ballet today to rest since we don't want to be sick in a yurt.
Here is a layout I did yesturday.

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