Monday, October 6, 2008

We went out to a farm and picked tomatos last Thursday. I have now stewed tomatos (actually, oven baked) and a tomato, orange soup and froze them. Our freezer is bursting and we still have to go pick apples today.
I have been dizzy a lot lately. I need to call my doctor and get a blood test, but I was reviewing what we have been eating lately are realized that we have been pretty vegetarian lately. If the doctor checks my Cholesteral, it should look fantastic, but I am afraid my iron might be a bit low. We have caste iron pans, so I am trying to use them more often and I beef stewed in tomatos in the crock pot yesturday. I also have some pork defrosting to make pulled pork (it's a weight watcher's recipe, so it doesn't have the giant chunks of fat you find in the South).
We went to the farm on the last day before the rain began, so it was mud free. We even got to see our old rooster, who now lives at that farm. He has grown into a beautiful bird. The boys also picked out some pumpkins. We bought four pumkins for $3.00. What a deal.
There is another pumpkin patch that has a train in the area, so I think there will be another trip on the schedule. The pumpkins they picked out on Thursday and good for cooking. We need to get a couple carving pumkpkins for the boys.
Christian started Tae Kwon Do on Saturday. He took it a couple of years ago and we took a year off because it was difficult finding something to do with Liam during class. Christian also has a soccer class beginning tommorow. They have a homeschool indoor park during the same time.
Here are some layouts....This layout has a photo taken on front of the pumpkin patch at the farm

Credits: Tricker's Treat - The Elemental Scraps October Mega Kit. I used a template by Chrissy W. that is in the kit as well.
I used photos from our camping trip in August.

Credits: Old Weathered Frames, Tracey's Boo to You, Mini Glitz Alpha and Tracey's Back to School - Everything by Tracey Monette at Scrapbook-Elements
This is an older photo of Christian that I recently scanned. It was taken about three years ago.

Credits: Spooksville by Melissa Bennett & Amanda Dykan
This layout has pictures taken while picking tomatos

Credits: Autumn Grunge Paper, Starstruck & Oh My Mats


Tammy said...

Love the layouts and I love to put up veggies like that!! Its the best when it comes time to use them.

SarahB said...

Great looking layouts!

Hope those dizzy spells ease up! No fun!

Barb said...

I hope you get some answers for the dizziness. That must be frustrating. ANd good luck with taekwondo, we''re a taekwondo family and I'm also an instructor!

OneScrappyMom said...

Adorable layouts!! I hope your dizzy spells are nothing serious!! ((HUGS))

The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

sometimes i can't believe how similar our tastes run- or our life interests! i love all the stuff you are into...and i just found out i am anemic too! crazy! assuming that's what the dizziness is from. i hate taking iron so the cast iron trick is a good idea. i am trying to supplement with nutrition and mine should go away when i am NOT preggers anymore =)