Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We signed up for our annual pass at the community center. This allows the family to have unlimited visits to the pool and gym. I think we also get basketball and rollerskating with it. I signed Christian up for Tae Kwon Do and Soccer. He loves both and it is hard to make a decision. Since we are home schooling and he would like to get out of the house, I figured both would be okay. It only comes up to one hour and 45 minutes a week. There is a homeschool indoor park at the same time as the soccer class so Liam can go to that or the pool is open at that time. David is also available to stay with one of the kids during both classes so we can divide and conquer.
We went swimming this afternoon. A fire alarm went off and they thought we might have to evacuate. I was telling David we should try to grab our towels if it happened, but after the alarm stopped I saw that one of the lifeguards had space blankets, so like they always say, we should not worry about our things and just get out. I asked the life guard what they do if they have us leave the pool and go outside. They pass out the space blankets and a Tri-Met bus is supposed to come by soon and all the swimmers will board it until they know what is happening. The alarm goes to the fire department automatically, so they showed up with all the lights and sirens on. We knew it was a false alarm by then.
I took time to weigh in while I was there. I have lost nine pounds. This is averaging about two pounds a week, which is what is suggested and I don't have to worry about my Doctor getting upset about my loosing too much. Since I have been running and biking, I am adding a lot of muscle, so that nine pounds is serious weight off. I figured out that it is the equivilant to one Starbucks 12 cup coffee traveler which weighs seven pounds and eight sticks of butter. I know that those coffee travelers can get heavy fast so when I think of going on a run carrying one of them, the thought makes me tired. My body must be happy to have a bit less weight to lug around.
I am a guest CT for Melissa Bennett in October and I am so excited. I just love her designs. I did my first layout for her tonight.

Credits: Kit Rough 'N Tough Collab with Micheline Martin, Mats: Oh My Mat and SewWhat Stitching. The Template is Dani Mogstad's Girl Talk October Template


Kutnkudlys' Kreations said...

Great layout and what a cute kit!

Kitty said...

love the LO, it's really gorgeous! :)

Dawn said...

A little excitement, but a learning experience! Gorgeous page!

movefearlessly said...

love your layout - it's beautiful! great job with with your health regimen, keep it up.

ChrissyW said...

oooh check it out - Angie made that template - how FUN!!! you really rocked it!!