Tuesday, September 25, 2007

bathroom improving

David re-grouted our bathtub today and it looks great. He is putting on a tile and grout seal tommorow, so I hope that it keeps it looking good. He is going to paint the bathroom tommorow as well and then we are on to just cleaning up, de-cluttering, moving furniture and planting some flowers to get the house ready to go on sale, hopefully, next week.
I went to look at our favorite house today with the realetor, but there was a deadbolt incident, so we were not able to get in. I was able to look around the yard and look in the windows. The backyard is perfect for us. The current owners have a dog, so it is not trashed, but it is not the gardens of Monticello either. There is a perfect place for the hen house and a chicken run. The front yard is huge. Hopefully we will take a look inside on Friday.

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