Tuesday, September 11, 2007

First day of school

Picture from our hike at Tyron Creek last week. I used a template from the September Candy by by Baers Garten Designs

Here are some pictures of Christian and I in front of the Space Needle. I was wanting to get a couple of pictures, but I did not know how I would get one where we would be large enough and still get the space needle. The photographer had to lay down on the ground inside the Pacific Science Center to get the angle. We had a fun day up there. We dropped a friend and her husband off at the airport, visited a friend went to the science center and took the monorail downtown to go to Pike Street Market. I used Funktabulous from Elemental Scraps for this layout.

Yesturday was Christian's first day back to school. It is his second year at the same school, so it was a new class and teacher, but still quite familiar. He made a friend who he enjoyed playing trains and racing on tricyles.
After school, mommy had a very sore back and did not feel good. I put in Michael Palin's Himalaya Dvd and laid down with Liam. We both fell asleep and Christian says he took a nap too and played with trains.


Elizza said...

GREAT layouts!

Blythe said...

Love all the layouts and all the colors you chose! Hope you are feeling better!