Wednesday, September 5, 2007

smiles & bedtime nightmares

We went hiking yesturday and I tried to get some cute pictures of the boys. Liam wanted to smile and say cheese. Christian is showing off his latest smile when he is asked to smile for a camera.

Sometimes at bedtime I need to look at pictures of Liam when he is feeling sweet. I had to go to the preschool parents night tonight and did not put them to bed until I got home. Liam fell asleep in the car earlier and between the late nap and the schedule change we had a bedtime disaster. He first started with screaming like he was being boiled in hot water then he moved on to escape artist.

I always begin these episodes very philosophical about employing the latest parenting techiques I have read about and after a while it digresses to anger, frustration and denial where I want to nail the bedroom door shut and take all my parenting books out back to the barbeque and burn them. After a very firm door closing. Liam finally got the hint and stayed in his room. I have to work early tommorow, but maybe he will sleep in for David.

If anyone has books about parenting/sleep you can give me the titles, but warning, they may end up in my barbeque.

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Michelle Filo said...

lol Michelle, I feel your pain, no suggestions here because I am going through a similar struggle, every night my DS step out of bed at least a couple of times. I already gave up some time ago and put movies on this bedroom for him t owatch and leave us be, but I can feel he is tired the next day, so I have to come up with an adequate solution before he has to start school eeck! Let me know how you go ;)

cute pictures by the way :)