Monday, September 24, 2007

Enounter at the library and layouts

Here are some layouts I did over the last couple of days. New Friends and Popcorn Adventures use Cause I love Green & Hallowillie by Baers Garten Designs (You can click on the layout to go to store) I also used Shine on Alpha by Jannylyn
I used product by Laura Mcgee designs for Kelp Adventures.
David called a handy man to come over and fix our bathroom tiles today. The damage was not very extensive, so, for the handyman, it was a quick fix. Christian was still at school when they were doing the repairs, but I told David I would take Liam out for a while and then pick up Christian and do something with them for an hour or so. The library is right down the street from the preschool, so I decided to walk down there with the boys. When we go to the library, to boys take a bee-line to the computers. I do not let them use our computer, so it is a special treat for them. Christian and Liam were playing the same game, and I walked over to check on them and almost passed-out. Someone went in and on a list of names typed a four letter word. I have never been so thankful that my kids do not know how to read yet. I ran over and told the librarian and she cleaned the computers up (in more then one way). After the computers were fixed, Christian enjoyed listening to Cat in the Hat and Liam enjoyed pushing all the buttons and messing up the computer.

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