Saturday, September 22, 2007

Our Vacation a photo essay

We just returned this afternoon from our vacation to the Redwoods and South Oregon Coast. We stayed at Harris Beach, which is a beautiful beach. It was never very crowded with people and has some of the most beautiful landscapes I have scene. There is an island offshore that is a bird sactuary, we were able to see birds other then seagulls. The seagulls and California Grey Squirels were very smart and hung out strategically where they knew people gathered. We also saw lots of Stellar blue jays and bunnies.
On our first day we went through the Redwoods and stopped at Jedediah Smith State park and the boys played on the river bank for a while

We went on to the Trees of Mystery. I went there once when I was 12, it is kind of tacky inthe 1950's sort of way, but it is a nice, easily accesible way to see the forest with kids and they also have an aerial tram that takes visitors up the mountain. David and the boys enjoyed it, I am terrified of heights, so I endured.

I am glad I packed the Bob the Builder toys. They gave the boys, especially Liam hours of fun and enjoyement.

I brought the popcorn popper. I had to run to town and buy an extension cord so I could pop to popcorn on the porch. We will keep it with our camping supplies for future trips.

I used my telephoto lens to get this picture of sea birds. There were many varieties. We also saw a sea lion swimming in the kelp.

Liam is running on the beach. He had another cut on his toe, so he had to keep his socks on all the time for a couple of days to let it heal.

Here is a forced pose on the picnic table above the beach we spent most of time at. There was one beach we could hike to, but it was a long walk and Liam did not want to walk too much with his sore foot. This beach only took about two minutes to drive to, so we could easily get the toys to the beach and there was a bathroom close by.

Christain and Liam enjoyed climbing around the rocks on the beach.

Here is a family photo. Christian's preschool teacher asked us to provide a family photo for the first day of class. We do not have a recent one. I was ready to do something on Photoshop to make a family photo, but I still wanted to try to get one while on vacation. We will probably use this photo for our Christmas card photo as well.


Victoria said...

How fun! Great photos. Love the frame you used on there.

Cyndy said...

You have a lot of great shots! It looks like a wonderful trip too!

JanMary said...

Love the pics on the beach. We take "Bob" toys everywhere with us too!