Thursday, September 6, 2007

mission accomplished

I worked this morning and I was so tired. I resented customers for even coming in because, I just wanted to sleep, and not deal with people nice or not nice. When I came home, I rested a bit then we took the boys to the zoo.
My original plan was to take them to the zoo and then the children's musuem and keep them going until we got close to bedtime.
Around 1:30-2:00 Liam and I were both on the verge of a meltdown. I did not throw myself on the ground and scream as much as he did and it was getting close to the time that David had to go to work and I was dreading it. Liam even cut his hand after throwing himself down one time.
David left and we wrapped up at the zoo and walked over to the children's museum, which is closed this week. It was right at the time that I did not want Liam to fall asleep.
We went to the car and I put on Mahna Mahna from Sesame street and played it over several times while I drove to a large playground a few minutes from the zoo and Liam remained awake.
They had fun running around the playground and playing the sandbox for about an hour and a half. Liam had a cut on his toe and when I cleaned it up he had a meltdown and then Chrisitan fell and had a meltdown, so I had a easy time taking them back to the car. I gave Liam his stuffed bald eagle to love on the way home, put a favorite podcast, Sattelite Sisters, and headed home. I took a slightly longer route, just to make sure they fell asleep and they were both out after about 10 minutes.
Liam stayed asleep, but Christian woke back up and it took a while for him to go to bed and stay in his room, but it happened.

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