Friday, September 7, 2007

open house, blood and pens gone wild

Today was Christian's preschool open house. We went and he met his teacher and saw his classroom. He spent some time playing with some of the toys. He was happy that there is a train set in his room. Liam was supposed to play on the playground with David, but Liam took David's hand and led him into the building. They did not even know where Christian's room was, but Liam still found it. He must of heard my voice. Liam painted for a few minutes then found the train set and took a train away from one of the girls in Christian's class and this made her cry. Christian's teacher came over and worked with Liam to help him resolve the conflict. When she asked him to give the train back he said "no". We let her just work with him, since everything we do seems to fail and after about five minutes he gave her the train back and we grabbed him and ran.

Liam fell down and cut his hand at the zoo yesturday and he cut his foot at the playground. He fell down again after the open house and re-opened the wound on his hand. I cleaned it up and put a bandaid on. We went to Omsi and I saw something red in the sandbox and I checked his hand, but forgot about his foot. After a while we realized that his toe was bleeding again. We cleaned that up and put a bandaid on and they cleaned the sandbox up. I guess blood in the sandbox goes with all the poop he has left in the pools around Portland. He wanted to play in the sandbox, but I did not want him to get sand in his sore, so we rigged up this glove action.

I do not give my kids enough time to color and I always feel guilty about it, but as you can see from this picture, I am not lazy, I am scared.


Anonymous said...

Aw poor little guy with the cuts! That hurts!

on the coloring thing - I know the feeling. My 3 year old is always covered from head to foot when I let her color. LOL

Great pics!


Jen Ulasiewicz said...

Oh yuck blood in the sandbox and poop in the pools LOL I'm so sorry he keeps getting boo boos, hope they heal soon, I know that can't feel very good. We went to OMSI a few times when we lived up there too, I love it there! :)

Mary said...

LOL, that last sentence I was LMAO.

Boys should come w/a label accidents are prone to happen 80% of the time and they bounce back in 1-2 mins.

Sounds like a great open house, typical lil ones ;) don't feel bad.

susan said...

Ah yes,,,coloring can be such a mess! Love your photos!