Friday, September 14, 2007

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I went to do my bi-weekly shopping today. A few weeks ago, I was shopping at Costco and this man in a large car stopped me to tell me he saw that I had a couple of dents in my minivan and he could fix them. On that day, I was having a bad day, I was in a huge hurry to get home and to top it off...I had PMS. I was ticked off that he wasted my time with a solicitation and let him know that I can get my car fixed if I want to. The lady loading the car next to me looked at me like I was the rudest person ever.
Today, I was in the same part of town at a different establishment and the same man and some woman drove up, honked at me and tried to give me the same speil. I told them again, not very nicely, that I will get my car fixed if I want and told them to leave me alone. The woman in the car seemed shocked that I would be ticked off.
I figure that their business is probably a scam, whether they are honest or not, I want to be left alone.
We plan to drive the van until it cannot run anymore and dents do not affect the car or how it runs, so for the record, we have no intentions of fixing the dents. They are like my Amish Quilt. They remind me daily of my flawed driving and now of my challenged temper.

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Michelle said...

That picture of Liam is adorable! What a cutie!

And regarding high pressure dent-fixer couple, I think you had every right to be rude. Considering the fact that they were haranguing a mother with two kids and a cart full of groceries who has better things to do than listen to what was most likely thinly-veiled theft. Her aghast expression was probably part of the pitch -- as well as being pissed off that now she can't pay for that bleach perm to go with her double wide. ;)