Thursday, December 13, 2007

Final birthday preperations

Christian's party is Saturday almost everyone has rsvp'd yes and no one has said no, so we might have everyone we invited (I did not expect that with it being so close to Christmas).
I bought candy to get the kids buzzed up on today and made race car bag toppers. (I'll try to grab a picture. I put together the Batman theme goody bags and wrapped his presents. I have to go to the pizza place and put in our order for the party, pick up the cake Saturday morning and get some balloons. The party is only a few blocks from our house, so if we get there are realize we forgot something, it is a two minute drive.
Tommorow is Christian's snack day and David's parents are flying in (David and Liam will pick them up while I am at Christian's school). After his cooking class we will Ride the Christmas steam engine.
I am glad I have most of the work done, so I can relax the next couple of days. I am going to start pulled pork in the crock pot in the morning, so we have a easy, yet tasty lunch.

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