Saturday, December 22, 2007

How many presents

I have heard many discussions lately about how many presents to give your kids for Christmas. On The Diva Cast podcast, one of the woman was talking about a friend's church where everyone agreed to limit the presents for their kids to three per child. The Divas were discussing how they like the idea and it works well at church, but once their kids go to school the encounter another scene.
I have to say that we lean towards the less is more school of thought on Christmas presents. Christian's birthday was just last week, so he is not in real need for lots of extra toys right now, so we bought him a couple of things now and then we are going to wait until spring and summer to get him a couple of toys when they will be more unique. We do the cash only Christmas and I have been trying to do more home-made presents for people or I give them coffee.
I have been shopping for a couple of months and I am storing everything in the garage, so it will be a surprise to me what I bought when I get the stuff out Sunday and Monday to wrap. I did buy Hippity Hops for each boy (2.99 at Ross), so I am taking them to work on Monday and a co-worker is bringing his bicycle pump and I am going to inflate them and just put bows on them and leave them by the tree.

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evitangel said...

I decided last year: only one great gift for each child and two little things! I think that's really enough. otherwize they have to much and don't know with which one they should play ;-)