Saturday, December 22, 2007

Korean Food

Tonight we went to dinner at a Korean Restuarant close to our house. David and I ordered a combo meal with Bul-gol-gi (Barbeque beef that you cook at the table), tofu, gyozo, seafood soup and the traditional rice and side dishes. We ordered yakisoba for the boys to share. Christian nibbled at the Yakisoba, actually ate salad (big shock) and ate some of my rice. Liam snacked freely from all the food. He loved several of the side dishes and David and I did not get much from them. At the end of the meal he wanted to pour the left over hot sauce from the kimchi on his food. He mixed it with some sesame and ginger oil and ate much of the food. After mixing it up, he wanted to give it to me to eat. I finally took the bowl, prentended to eat from it, tell him how yummy it was and thanked him as I gave the bowl back to him. He also loved the seafood soup and left the restaurant screaming when we took him from it and the chopsticks. It is nice that Liam is such a good eater. If he ever gets some table manners, we will be able to take to any kind of restuarant we choose. Christian has pretty good table manners, he is just so fussy.
It will look really odd when we visit Korea next time and David, Liam and I are eating everything happily while Christian is asking for Mac and Cheese. At least, we should be able to prove that it is not from lack of exposure that he is so fussy.

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petra a*k*a milo82 said...

good thing your boy is a good eater and all that food makes me hungry...Hhhm rice, althoug it's maybe a little too early, since I just got up!! LOL

Have a wonderful christmas and thanks for visiting my blog!