Monday, December 10, 2007

I did my first project for Cori Gammon today. I did a recipe card and bag toppers
I used the kit Sugar Cookies
Here is the recipe card

Here are ziplock bag toppers

This idea was inspired by Pinku Pixie.
To make this open up a blank 8x10 paper. Open the paper you want and cut it to about 4x6. Repeat for with another paper and make a second 4x6 cut on the page. I added a square and a rectangle and element and the title. Print, cut out, add cookies or candy to a ziplock bag, fold, spread glue from a glue stick on the back of topper and attach to top of ziplock bag.

I am going to make some of these to use for Christian's Birthday Party on Saturday.

This Portable DVD Player and iPod Dock is my Christmas present from my parents this year. I knew I wanted a iPod dock, so when I looked up Frys on the web to see my choices, I saw that there were Portable DVD player docks as well as only audio ones. I decided to make the jump to having a portable DVD player. This will make camping trips much easier if I can let the boys watch a DVD once and a while. I have been proud to have these "media" free times, but it will be nice to get a break once and a while.

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