Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I have been checking out DVD's of TV shows from the library to make up for the void formed in my life by the writer's strike. I am currently on a Medical kick. I have ER, House and the first Season of Doogie Howser M.D. I started watching Doogie Howser for the first time this century last night and it was very interesting. First of have the whole "80's" thing, the hair (mullets), clothers, cars and even the cinamatic techniques. I love the whole showing a short scene using the actor then freezing it and scrolling the actor's name in the intro with that really bad sitcom music.
The thing that shocked me the most was the second episode (this is how far I got) in this episode, there is a new female radiologist who is in her late 30's. (my age). She goes out to a nice dinner with Doogie (16 years old) and tells him that she wants to have a baby and she wants him to be the father. Doogie being sixteen and more naive then a doctor should be thinks she wants to sleep with him. (very illegal), she really just wants his sperm. I discussed this with a co-worker who has a daugher who is almost 16 and asked how she would react if someone asked her daughter to be an egg donor at age 16. My friend said she would freak out, as I think Mrs. Howser would if she knew a woman who is my age was asking her sixteen year old son for his genetic matter. The other thing in the world of reality is that I think a parental consent would be needed for such a procedure.
In the last 20 years a lot of research has been done about the reasoning and decision making capabilities of teenagers and young adults and science has concluded that this age group lacks many of these skills (most of us can use personal stories to back of the science) I think it is reasonable to say that I would not want a 16 year old as my doctor. It freaks me out enough just to see a doctor who is younger then me, I don't think I would enjoy being seen by someone who is not old enough to vote.
Here are a couple of layouts I did this week. You can see the credits if you click on my gallery link to the right.

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