Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sushi Dilema

We have been trapped in the house this week due to illness. Liam and I were feeling better today so I decided it was time for a little outing. Clackamas Town Center (a local mall, the one Tonya Harding used to skate) was just remodeled and since all the Christmas excitement is over, I wanted to check it out. We went to the mall and to the new Starbucks, since one of the partners trained at my store. I let the boys get drinks and decided to get my weekly mark-out of coffee while I was there. I always have Christian help me pick out the coffee. I give him the first letter of the name of the blend and then maybe a package color. He chose the Casi Ciello and put it on the coutner for me and I asked them to mark it out. I took the coffee and started going back to the table when the partner asked for my employee number again. As I was giving it to her, I could hear Christian yelling it out across the store. He seems to have it memorized.
We went to buy some butcher paper so the boys can have a big art canvas, then I took them to Sushi Land which is across the street. In theory, this is a good place to take kids. You just sit down and start grabbing sushi, so there is not a wait, its cheap, healthy and there is something to please everyone. We were eating when it was obvious that Liam was about to have a bowel movement. He is not potty trained or anywhere close, but if I can get him to a toilet on time, he will do his project there instead of his daiper, which makes less work for me. I grabbed him and headed to the bathroom. I had to take Christian and all our stuff with us. The bathroom is in the back of the restuarant. We made it on time and Liam pooped in the toilet (yeah!), but when we got back out our place had been cleared!
I asked them what happened and they said that they assumed that we left without paying!!! The bathroom is in the opposite direction of the front door, I do not know how they would mix it up. They suggested next time I tell them when we are going to the bathroom. I guess I am supposed to yell out "my son has to poop, we will be right back, please don't take our food away"
It is hard to go out to restuarants with kids, but tonight, my kids were fairly well behaved, the restaurant was lacking though.
Here is a layout I did today using Winter Whimsy by Pyralis Designs at 3Scrapateers, the alpha & glitter snowflakes are from Snow Biz by Linsey Jane Designs

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