Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Narnia or Mt. Tabor?

We had a bit of a snow day yesturday. We had a dusting at our house, but when we drove down to Christian's preschool (lower elevation) there was almost no snow. Mt. Tabor (the only volcano located inside a U.S. city) is right above Christian's preschool, so after we dropped Christian off, Liam and I drove up there. The City of Portland closed the roads so the only way to get in was to walk. I parked the car and Liam and I walked up the hill to the playground. When we got up there it was beautiful. We found nice powdery snow. Liam does not really like to touch the snow, so he wanted me to make snowballs. Naturally, I brought my camera and took some pictures of the scenery and of Liam in the snow. I love this photo. We need some artwork for our house and to save money, I am using my own creations. When I saw this it knew was frame worthy. I posted this layout to the galleries and had a couple of comments that the scene looks like Narnia. Portland does not see much snow. If C.S. was to write the story for Portland, he would have to talk about a land of never-ending rain. C.S. Lewis was from England, so he was probably all to familiar with that world.
used: Grungilicious & Snow Biz by Linsay Jane

We are also re-flooring our house. We have the spare room and the boys room finished and the carpet is ripped up in our room. David will lay the floor while I take the boys to church. Now that the floor will be a neutral color, I can paint with what ever colors I want. I am going to re-paint the hallway, living room and kitchen. We also have an electrician coming over in two weeks to replace our broken baseboard heater and to install a light in the ceiling. We don't want to re-floor the living room until the paint and electrician work is done, so after the bedroom is finished, David gets a break.
Used True Colors by Pyralis Designs

used Boy Zone by Lindsay Jane


Di said...

Oh my goodness, that's just so beautiful... and quite like Narnia. Very inspirational. How lucky to live somewhere so beautiful. Love those layouts ;)

Andrea said...

So beautiful! Portland is one of my very favorite places on earth. *Sigh* it really does look like a fairy land there when it snows.. It's now been 11 years since I've been, but my son's applied at Reed so maybe he'll get in and I'll have reason to visit! LOL
Have an awesome day in your wonderland!

thumper6423 said...

The snow picture is beautiful. We got a good snow like that twice this year, and it was gone by the next day.

Amy said...

ohhh new floors are always a treat! great snow pic!

Gina said...

Gorgeous scenery! Have fun painting - I LOVE picking out new paint colors!