Saturday, January 26, 2008

whatever the weather

David is working on installing our new floor in the spare room today and I was planning to take the boys out to make it easier for him. Our first choice was to go to the Children's Museum, but that is located at a high elevation and we are coming out of a cold front, so I called them up to see what the weather was like and they said it was icy. I was willing to consider going up there for if there was snow and even dressing the boys up in their winter clothes and letting them play outside, but am not a big fan of driving in the ice. We could even take the train up there and they boys love the train, but we still have to walk in the ice. The boys would probably be okay, since they are so close to the ground anyhow, but I fear the injuries I would get and I don't have winter shoes. (a problem in snow too)
So I gave the boys a choice between swimming or going to a fast food establishment playland. Since we have two kids they each made a different choice, so I let David be the tie-breaker and he decided to flip a coin so the he would not get the blame. He flipped the coin and Liam's choice won, but Christian still was not happy, I guess five year olds are not ready for such sceintific decision making methods.
I used Cars Go Beep Beep by Becky Kress for this layout

I used Memories, Snow Biz, Boy Zone & Cottage Retreat by Linday Jane, Frame set vol. 3 by Janosch & Funky Love Hearts by Natalie Bird

Liam just changed his mind and decided he wanted to go swimming after-all. The good news is that the pool is very warm and they boys will get very tired, the bad news is, I have to get wet and smell like chlorine. I hope it's not too crowded.


Jen Ulasiewicz said...

Oh I want to go swimming so bad LOL Love the layouts, have a great weekend! :)

SarahB said...

Both fun layouts!

RobinW said...

Great layouts!

ScrapShana said...

Have fun swimming!!!!

mariquita said...

Your layouts are so much fun!! Great job!!! ;)
Hugs and kisses, Mariquita

akhn said...

great layouts. I love them.

have a nice weekend.