Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Liam's Blanket

Both of my boys have their favorite blanket (didi) that they sleep with and drag around the house. Christian's is a flannel bear print blanket and I think he will have it for the rest of his life if he wants. Liam's blanket is a purple knit blanket that he has been sucking on and unraveling. The days are numbered on this blanket and the thought of of disintergrating sends me into an anxiety attack.
Today I was at Bible Study at church and in our small group they asked for prayer requests. I felt stupid sharing something so small, but it is giving me so much anxiety that I need prayer for perspective if not for a blanket resurection (maybe I can take it to a healing crusade and have someone breath on it). Well I go to a Baptist church and they are more pragmatic, so after talking about the blanket crisis with the ladies, we came up with idea to take the blanket to a yarn shop and try to match the yarn up as best as possible and find a lady in the church who knits and commision her to knit him a new blanket. I hope the scheme works. It was also suggested that after we have a replacement, put the original in a mesh zip-up bags and save it for emergencies.
In the book of Titus it exhorts older woman to teach younger woman, when I have read it, I never thought this verse would apply to such urbane areas like special blankets. I also never could not have understood how much the peace of our family would revolve around a blanket.
Here is Liam with our new Ikea magnetic black board. The chalk has been in the garage for a couple of weeks since I found Liam drawing designs on our carpet it. I used Zen Spin by Cori Gammon and Cozy Nights by Jannylyn for this.

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MamaToo said...

this is a perfect example of Titus women... what a sweet solution!
I found you, by the way, and now I'm saving the site!
(now, did you ever post your "for idiots only" list of bloggy scrapbooking resources? :)