Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My bedroom looks like a picture from a magazine (almost)

David finished the floor in our bedroom today (not counting the edging and the closet, long story). It looks so good. With our Ikea dresser we bought last spring and the frames, mirrors, curtians and comforter cover from Ikea - the room almost looks like a picture from their cataloge. We have to buy rugs (when the tax refund cometh) and I want to do a bit more in the wall hanging/artwork area. We also want to rip out our closet doors and do a closet makeover (where are Oprah's people when I need them) The de-70'sification process of our house is in full swing. By the time we go to sell it the only evididence of the 1970s will be the date on the title.
Here is a layout I did today. I used so many items from so many people, I have to refer everyone to my digishoptalk gallery for credits and links.

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