Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This morning Liam and I took a ride down the Springwater corridor. It was a section fairly close to us that I have never gone down. I noticed as I was riding that there were lots of caterpillars crossing the path. I decided to bring both boys back there in the afternoon to collect some. Since the caterpillars were getting run over by bikes and eaten by birds, I figure that the caterpillars will do as well or bad in the boys jars as they would on the trail. We took a walk and they collected some. I actually had to pick them up and put them in the jars, they did not want to hold them. They would pet them. We also collected grass and weeds and then added in some natsurium and rasberry leaves tonight. The boys had a great time and it looks like the caterpillars are still alive. We also went to the library and checked out a book about caterpillars and butterflies to read while we watch them.

Here is a layout I did today with Chrissy W's challege template from her blog. I made the summer word art myself using MS Sans Serif

Credits: kit - These Moments Trees, animals & Clouds: Summer Days - Elemental Scraps July Mega Kit Alphas: Wooden Alpha Beads & Scribbled Alpha by Juno Designs


Edhish said...

aww that is beautiful page

PsiPsi said...

beautiful page and it looks like you have nice and warm weather? we just turned the heaters on*lol* tfs
I alwys enjoy to jump on your blog!

MrsRomer said...

Sounds like so much fun with the boys. My little one doesn't like to hold bugs or cattapiliars either.

Mousey said...

What a gorgeous page. My DD loves bugs, atm she has a thing for snails LOL