Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last day of farmer's market

Today was the last day of the farmer's market in our area. There is one going on downtown if we really want to go. They had free corn and apple cider today, so the boys really enjoyed it. I also stocked up on my favorite cheese (Rogue Creamery Morimoto Soba Ale Cheddar) and some yummy, spicy Italian sausage. The boys shared a carmel apple after they ate their corn.
Liam brought along a bag and wanted to help carry things. He can only carry a couple ears of corn.
We had another dry day in the potty training department. I wanted to put him in a pull up since we were riding on the bike down to the Farmer's Market and they only have out-houses there. He insisted on wearing underwear. I had him use the potty before leaving and he asked to use the potty down there. He was okay with the outhouse. They only drawback was that I just finished eating and the last place I want to go is an outhouse. He then stayed dry all the way home.
It was a bit rainy and windy this afternoon, but it was a beautiful ride. There were lots of falling leaves in the wind.
Here is a layout I did today.

Credits: Change of Seasons by Lindsay Jane Designs


domad said...

Great LO ... love the color and the pic

Eve said...

Gorgeous LO!! I wish we had a farmers market close by!

Joy said...

The farmers market sounds fun - and congrats on the potty training.

Great LO - fab colours :)

movefearlessly said...

love that layout. great picture!

Leigh said...

Your day sounds absolutely wonderful!

RefreshMom said...

Sounds like the Farmer's Market gets better every year. I'd have gone lots more often if I could have a caramel apple every time! Come see us sometime; we've got Farmer's Markets year 'round.

We don't have fall leaves though. Sept and Oct are two of the best months there.