Friday, September 26, 2008

A couple of months ago, I bought some jeans on clearance at Old Navy that were a bit too small for me, hoping I would shrink into them. (Don't tell Dave Ramsey - I know it is not good finanial sense) I am happy to say that I wore those jeans out last night. They are very cute and slimming so they make me look thinner than I am with the weight loss. I am now glad I have those jeans since I have something smaller to wear since I don't want to buy clothes until I am at the bottom point of my wieght loss.
We are still going strong with the potty training. Liam had an accident today and the only reason I knew was because he left his dirty clothes by the back door. He changed and took care of everything by himself. The one challenge is going out. We still need to carry a bag with a change of pants and underwear, wipes, a pull-up and a bag in case of a big accident. We have not had to use them yet.
We went to see Wall E tonight. Liam spent the first part of them movie with his head burried in my chest. When they got up to space he was able to look up and watch a bit of the movie. The life on the space ship reminds me of the book Brave New World by Huxley.
Here is a layout using a photo from the Farmer's Market on Wednesday

Credits: Bountiful - Element Pack by Sherri Tierney, Harvest Fields and Harvest Fields Add-On Pack by Little Miss Liz

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