Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Dieting Tool

Last night I was very hungry before dinner. I was working on the computer for a bit and Laim brought a pull-up into me, not any pull-up, but one that had been caste aside in their room a while ago. It stank and it was moldy. We threw it out, but when dinner was ready, I for some odd reason could not eat. I fell asleep the same time the boys did before eight, so I never ate anything else last night. I went running before dinner and had not snacked much yesturday, so today I actually have to eat some serious calories so my body doesn't think we have hit a famine and decide to start hanging onto the fat. They should bottle that smell and we can just grab it out of our purse whenever we are tempted by food we do not need.
Just a note on the pull-up. There had been a less then pleasant smell in their room for a while. We had tried washing linens, opening windows and things on that line, but it still lingered. I guess we need to go in every few weeks and pull everything out and search stray diapers and pull-ups the boys decide to pull of and throw in the closet.
Here is a layout for today. Looking at the flowers can also conteract the thought of that nasty smell.

Credits: Everything by Tracey Monette at Scrapbook-Elements
Flowers & Leaves: Summer's End Naturals
Paper: North Americana in Collaboration with Tracy King
Bracket: Quirky Acetates

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