Thursday, September 11, 2008


I went running at a park that is next to the high school in our neighborhood. I like to go here because David can hang out with the boys on the playground while I run. We went in the late morning yesturday which was also the time that the highschool had lunch hour. I like this location because there is a 1K route that I can run and keep track of how far I am going.
The one draw back on school days is the presence of all the kids. There is a long path between the school and the Dairy Queen and that is part of my route and while I was running on this path, some of the boys decided to tease and mock me. This is not new, sinc getting teased and mocked was a central part of my high school experience. The odd thing now is that I am old enough to be their mother. I have to say that it keeps me motivated since I want to keep running to get away from them.
My mother turned forty when I was a Sophmore in high school, so I am same age that mother was when I was a Freshman/Sophmore. I cannot imagine mocking people my parents age when I was in high school. I know these boys are trying to appear cool in front of their friends but they either think I am much younger than I am or they are obnoxious, I am not sure. The good thing is that it helps me realize that as challenging as my adult life can be, I am sure glad I am out of high school.
We have been going to a farmer's market on Wednesdays. I picked a favorite cheese, butter, honey and some veggies yesturday. There is a bakery there that makes the yummiest brioche with grapes, pinenuts and fennel. I am glad we can only go once a week and it ends it two weeks. We will miss the Farmer's Market, but not the temptation. Thinking of that brioche can also help me run a bit further.
Here is a layout I did with a photo of Liam at last week's farmer's market.

Credits: Template - AD it up by Chrissy W, Kit: Best Friends, Button, Ribbon & Triangles: My Darling both by Jannylyn Brokken, Alpha: Gel Dotted Alpha by Little Miss Liz


Mega-Doodle Inspired said...

Love the layout!! = )

Angie (mighty-nice) said...

Ewww - that makes me so mad to hear that teenagers were mocking you -and I don't even know you! How mean! (((HUGS))) I'm a firm believer that what comes around goes around... you reap what you sow... etc... Hope today is better!

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Mrs. Miles said...

Ahhhh - unfortunately, this seems to be the norm now? So sad. So sad - BUT I am so proud of you for keeping up your running, USE THAT ANGER lol, honestly some of the best runs I ever had was when I was good and angry. Running was the perfect way to 'work it out'

OK, promise me, PROMISE me you will ask that bakery for their recipe??? I'm DYING to make it at home now! *grovel grovel*

Laura said...

Oh my goodness, I love the journaling on the layout! Soo cute!! And that sucks about the boys. Teenagers are awful anymore. It makes me so sad for my little one to grow up.

lorig said...

Teenagers seem far more willing to mock those outside their own age group it seems than they used to. At the same time I have seen some that have some really great ideas that gives me hope for the future. I hope these particular teens will find a better way for their word to be used than mocking others. Good luck with the running.