Thursday, September 11, 2008

A different kind of predator.

Today we took a break from sharks to visit a different kind of predator. Predatory Birds. We went to the Audobon Society to see birds and take a hike. They have an intake center for injured birds or birds that get seperated from their moms too young. We saw them bring in a barn owl who was at a different location, but was having failure to thrive issues. He took to his exam and weighing about as well as Christian always did as a baby. He was very cute, he still had some of his down. We also saw a turkey vulture, great horned owl, spotted owl, red tail hawk (a little high strung and trippy) and peligrin falcon. We also saw the mice they raise to feed the owls. We also took a hike on one of the trails. It was about a mile hike. The boys did very well, but I bet they will sleep late tommorow. I have to work, so David will get the benefits of the outings.
Here are some pictures of the outing.

Just a quick note on my entry earlier today, I was not hurt or offended by the mocking comments of the high school boys while jogging. I was intriuged and baffled. I just rolled my eyes (not seen since I was wearing sunglasses) and kept going. There were two neighbor boys who always filled that roll when I was growing up and into high school. It got kind of funny when the braces were off and the zits cleared up and they were still screaming the same old insults. I saw both of them at my 20 year reunion last year and they were both pleasant and glad to see me. One of the guys was happy that he was finally taller than me.


PsiPsi said...

oh your trip to the bird"park" sounds very intresting
we have a bird station up in the woods too and it is always amazing to see those "wild" animals and lear about them!

Jamie Lee said...

Cute photos!! Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!!

Angie (mighty-nice) said...

Hi! I'm glad your feelings weren't hurt by those 'mean 'ole boys'! I think mine would have been! I've been here a few times but I just today noticed the chicken with the butterfly wings in your header! You're funny! Thanks for visiting my blog today!