Friday, September 5, 2008

A dream

I have a dream. I dream that someday my youngest son will just realize that he is tired and just go to bed at night. I dream of a world where a question posed after 7:00 pm, such as, "which tooth brush do you want to use tonight", will evoke something other than a 20 minute screaming fit and chase throughout the house.
If that dream cannot be fulfulled soon then my other dream is that I am allowed to respond to life's challenges by throwing myself on the floor and screaming more often. Picture, Starbucks, morning rush. Someone wants to pay with a $100 bill. I respond by dropping to the floor, screaming and yelling how much I hate dealing with one hundred dollar bills. Maybe the person would just get their debit card out.
Other then the nightly toothbrush related meltdowns, we have completed our first week of homeschooling. We are working on writing, reading, addition, subtraction, telling time and the most common Kindergarten and preschool subject....Sharks. It's all sharks all the time around here. Christian sits with Liam and goes through his shark book teaching Liam the names of all the sharks. The spent quite a while this evening with scrap paper, tape and staples makeing sharks. Christian wanted to make a hammerhead and Liam made a whale shark. If you have any unanswered shark questions. Leave them in the comment section. I will pose them to Christian and get back to you.
Here is a layout I did with Christian working with his abacus.

Credits: ABC 123 by Misty Cato


Juno said...

Hi Michelle! Thank you so much for posting comments on my blog! I love reading them! Can't wait to see your layout with my new kit! The layout you posted in this post is absolutely adorable! Love it! I just realized that every sentence I wrote ends with an exclamation mark LOL See you around at ES and our blogs :)


The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

i love that you and i are both starting out in homeschooling! it will be fun to keep up with your reports on what you guys are doing and how it is going. i think it will be a fun year. btw- i sure hope your dreams are realized =) gotta be frustrating.

The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

thanks for the math blog- LOVED it and so did Zane. i saved the link from the site and the math games site too. def not my strength either so this will be a huge help. we are also doing singapore workbooks which should hopefully be pretty basic, kindergarten year at least =)