Monday, September 15, 2008

Things I am planning to work with this week

Between my Friday/Saturday Migraine issues and my work schedule, I have not had much time to get layouts done, so I thought I would post some designs I plan to work with.
I don't have chronic migraine problems, I tend to get them during the season changes when my allergies act up. I also tend to get bloody noses during spring and fall. I feel like my special talent is giving the weather forcast and pollen count with my face. They could almost put me on TV and I could rate the pollen count by the number of boxes of Kleenex I have used that day. I can also predict changes in barometric pressure with my sinus cavities. I tend to be in a lot of pain when a big thunderstorm comes in.
I have observed a side effect of my diet/exercise. My shorts are slipping down. Most of my pants are the lower cut-around the hip styles. In years past I would always have my hips to catch my pants and skirts when I lost weight, but with these styles I don't have that safety net. I am able to remedy the situation by wearing baby-doll shirts, which are falling much better on me then they were a few weeks ago. I am going to have to buy a belt to hold things up soon. I should only have a week or two at the most of shorts and hopefully, I can donate my current pairs to Goodwill and buy something cool next summer.
Liam also chose a pair of Christian's shorts today and had the same problem. I kept seeing him around the house with his shorts around his ankles.
Here are the kits and things I plan to work with this week.
Change of Seasons by Lindsay Jane Designs at Scrapbook-Bytes

These Moments by Sweet Digi Scraps at Elemental Scraps

Wooden Alpha Beads by Juno Designs at Elemental Scraps

Chrissy W. has a new template challenge up at her blog

Check back soon and see what I do with these great designs!


@}-- ruby --{@ said...

hope you're feeling better, migraine is a real pain, i am having those more often now but i think mine is a mere headache. well, should i congratulate you now for obviously getting sexier? i wish that can be said the same with me, sigh.

michelle said...

Hope you feel better soon. I need to lose weight too so congrats! Love those kits too!

Elaine said...

Hope the migraines don't continue. I feel bad for you because like you I get them depending on the season, mine are more with the different pollens.
Great new kits that you've posted previews of.

The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

way to go on the whole pants falling down thing =). sounds like the running is working and that must feel so good! also, really funny about the weather predictions =) nice!

20Birds said...

oh man have i suffered with migraines... i will pass on that EPO really helped me as well as topical progesterone but my headaches were hormonally based. anyway sorry to ramble, i know they can be lousy, so I wish you freedom from those. and congrats on those baggy clothes...

schneeflocke said...

Wow, I love Lindsays Kit, have fun!

ChrissyW said...

oooh thanks so much - can't wait to see your page!!! and ugh - hope that's the last migraine ever!