Monday, September 8, 2008

Running Update

I wrote in my blog that I started running a couple of weeks ago. I decided it is time for an update. I am still running. Now when I go out on runs, I actually run more that I walk. On Saturday, I was very winded after I got up a hill and wanted to stop even though I had about 10 more blocks before I wanted to switch to walking for warm down. I kept pushing myself and comforted myself with the knowledge that there is a fire station where I would switch to walking and if I felt too bad, they could help me. By the time I switched to walking, I was not winded at all and was breathing at a normal pace. I know that if I keep working on they hills, they will not wear me out either. I have always had shin splints and my achilles tendon has been a bit sore, so I am cross training. I start my new term of ballet today and I will ride my bike there and back. Right now, I am swithcing between running and biking. In October when our community center opens back up I want to add lap swimming. I will also have access to a tred mill during the bad weather.
I am also through two weeks of journaling what I eat. This last week my problem has been not getting enough food. I took yesturday off from exercise so I could rest and make up the calories, I did not get on Saturday. I baked biscotti to help that process along.
I don't own a scale, so when the community center opens up again in three weeks, I will weigh myself there. I want to just try be healthy and not be a slave to the scale, so I am curious, but not really worried.
Here are two layouts I did yesturday

I used the September Grab bag by Collies Corner at Elemental Scraps. The Template is Gotcha Cornered by Chrissy W, Alpha is A Sunny Day by Juno Designs, the fruit and bee from Summer Days the Elemental Scrpas July Mega Kit

I used A Sunny Day by Juno Designs and Angie Kovacs Template from her Get Blocked 12x12 set


Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Michelle,

I am SO GLAD that its YOUR blog I visit. I'm so impressed with your diligence to run etc. Wish I still could, though I do stay in great shape. Have done marathons in the past and they will always be treasured memories.

Have you been to Spark People??? This site may be a huge help to you too, and its FREE. I'm lalalime there, in case you go.

I don't own a scale, and don't weigh myself. Its way less stress this way.

Please, would you mind letting me know when you update your blog??? I'm so bad at checking. Thank you!!

The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

way to go woman! you are seriously impressive- and what a great goal to do the HTC next year for your bday. you are inspiring me!

Char said...

Good for you - all that exercising! I don't have the ability to run (asthma and heart issues), but I like to power walk. And now I'm using the wii fit to add some much needed exercising to my life.

You are an encouragement and inspiration! :-)

Angie (mighty-nice) said...

I like your "not being a slave to scale" outlook. I try to remind myself that I just want to feel better when I'm exercising and not concentrate on the scale, either. I've stopped by to say, "Hi!", courtesy of the blog train. I'd love a visit from you:

ChrissyW said...

oh wow!!! these two pages are both fantastic!!! love them - well done girl!