Thursday, April 16, 2009

Faux Crocs

I took a picture of my faux crocs today after I cleaned all the chicken poop off of them.

The boys and I rode down to the Springwater trail yesturday. This is one of Christian's first long bike rides. He did very good. There is a pretty big stretch of uphill road on the way back home. He walked his bike a bit, but rode most of it.

When we got home, I let the chickens out for a bit. The boys turned over the soil that has not been planted yet, to get worms for the chickens. I love it when they do this. It helps get the soil ready for planting and the chickens eat bugs and seeds of different weeks. They also fertilize it a bit. Refer to the comment on my crocs above.

Here is my week in review layout. I used a template by Shabby Miss Jen, Paper by Leslie Bodah. The chicken doodles are Henrietta and Her Friends by Lilly Anne Taylor at Elemental Scraps.


bentonflocke said...

beautiful weekpage!!

congrats to his first longer cycle tour!! He did it great!

Love your pics

shayarka said...

It was very interesting to read your blog, love it! Beautiful pictures too!

JanMary said...

Love the faux crocs, the chicks and the layout too.

sherriejd said...

love the little chickies in your last post and the fake crocs are great.

Lill-B said...

You have a great blog and I love those photos from the "every-day-life". :) TFS

Anonymous said...

lovely page! and i like your all photos!!! Beautiful pictures :)