Monday, April 20, 2009

Mason Bees and Chickens

The weather has been warm and sunny for a few days now and we saw the first mason bees a while ago. It is perfect timing since our apple tree is about to bloom.

The warm weather is also helping in the hen house. The chickens have laid 10 eggs since Saturday. If the production stays at this rate, we will have to start giving away or selling some eggs.
The county inspector came by this moring, looked at the hen house and told us we would have our permit by the middle of the week. David just sent in the application last week, so I was surprised to see him so soon. The girls were free ranging and approached him hoping he came with food. He was glad to see how friendly they were and how much they trust people.
We are also taking advantage of the warm weather to let the chicks sit outside today. We just moved their box to a sunny place in the back yard. Why pay for the heat lamp, when it is as warm outside. They can start getting their vitamin D that they need to pass it on to us in the egg yolks.


bentonflocke said...

...these chicks are so cute ... love to buy their fresh eggs .. but you are too far away!

Your shot of the apple tree is also great!

Erika said...

So nice with the sun and the lovely buds! Hope you get lots of apples.

The little chickens are so cute! Great that the ispector liked what he saw.