Monday, April 6, 2009

I went out early this morning and picked up two bales of free hay that were given away on my Yahoo group for people who keep chickens in the area. The chickens got very excited when we put the bales in the back next to their area. I took these photos of the chickens and Christian while we were putting the hay in place. Liam woke up late this morning and did not want to come out for photos.
On a different note, I decided to make Easter gifts for the kids this year instead of buying things that are made of plastic, break easily and will probably get recalled for unsafe lead or other chemical levels. I am going to go buy some candy molds and chocolate and make their easter candy on Friday night. I will post photos of those this weekend. Here are planters I made for the boys. I am going to let them plant nasturtiums in them on Sunday.

Credits: Tracey and Saxon's Duckys, Bunnies & Eggs, Oh My! by Tracey Monette and Saxon Holt

Cherry Blossoms - Full Kit by Alana McCarthy

Credits: Essential Spring by Lindsay Jane Designs


bentonflocke said...

great easter planters and wonderful pages!!

SarahB said...

Love the little planters! Lovely layouts too!

listgirl said...

What a great Easter candy idea! And chickens get excited about new hay?? I think it's so cool that you have chickens.

Kitty said...

love those photos! so cute!!
and wish u having a wonderful easter!

Erika said...

Lovely pic of Christian and the cat, they really seems to enjoy eachother! Great for the chickens to get som fresh hay, you'll probably get lots of eggs till Easter in return. =)