Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A spring day and a hybrid project

We went out again today to feed the ducks and enjoy the spring blossoms. I wanted to try to get a good picture of the cherry blossoms around the little waterfall.

Christian took this photo of Liam and I.

I like to pose the boys on this tree during the different seasons. It makes a good backdrop. The cherry tree in the back ground is beautiful.

The boys on the bridge.

I found a frame while cleaning the garage last weekend. It was a frame I bought at a craft store a few years ago. I imagine I had some great idea what to do with it, but it ended up getting burried in the garage. When I found it again, I thought it would be great for a hybrid project. I also downloaded a new kit by Tracey Monette and Saxon Holt for an upcoming CT assignment. When I unzipped the kit, the first thing I thought was this would be fantastic for a hybrid project. A couple days after finding the frame, I put the two ideas together and came up with this project.
The kit I used is Joe Six Pack and it will be available at scrapbook-elements on Sunday, April 12. I will post a layout using this kit tommorow.


listgirl said...

Wow, the spring blossoms and the lake and the whole backdrop is just gorgeous. What a great idea to pose in front of that tree every season. The hybrid project was very creative.

bentonflocke said...

wow your hybrid art work looks fantastic - and I can´t wait to see the whole kit. I think it will be fantastic for pictures of my boys

Wonderful pics of your two boys with the blossoms..

Erika said...

Love the pic of Liam and Christian in front of the cherry tree, it is so sweet with the two ducks on the water and the boys togheter! And the cherry tree is amazing! Such beautiful flowers.