Friday, April 3, 2009

Gone Fishing

We took the boys to a trout farm today. We let them catch two trout each. The weather was a bit cold, but we still had fun. We also were able to visit before the summer hoards. There was only one other person there fishing.
I am taking a bee keeping class tommorow and we want to finish organizing the garage. After that, I think it will be time to fire up the barbeque for the first time this year and eat a trout dinner.


Christy said...

Oh looks like they had fun.

listgirl said...

Wow, bee-keeping class! That sounds super-interesting. Can't wait to see photos. The fishing looked like fun, even though I don't fish.

Laura Burger's Blog said...

Wow the pictures and story reminds me of my little boy 28 years later! beeing keep huh! Interesting

bentonflocke said...

what a wonderful day and experience for the boys!! Hope you´ll have fun with your first BBQ this year!!

Yummy - we love trouts!!!

Cottage Stella said...

I Love trout! You are so blessed to live near a Trout Farm. Good on you for wanting to learn bee-keeping.
Ah, what I'd give to be a country girl again! lol

Thanks for the beautiful photos!