Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Free ice cream day

Today is free ice cream day at Ben and Jerrys. I think this is the first time we have had sun for it. We usually stand out in a downpour eating ice cream.
We decided to ride our bikes over. The ride over is pretty easy, it is mostly downhill. I was nervous about Christian doing the ride back home which has steep hills. When we went up the biggest hill, I was expecting Christian to walk his bike up. I was surprised when I got to the top of the hill and turned around to see Christian and David right behind us. He rode up the entire hill.
Liam takes ice cream cones and makes them his own. I always like to get photos of him eating them.


gabs aka evitangel said...

aren't the kids amazing? I am always wondering the same thing when we are bycing. great shots as well

JanMary said...

Free Ben and Jerry's ice-cream?

Wish it was here too!

Great you had suitable weather to enjoy it even more :)

Mousey said...

oh yummo!!! I love icecream :o) Well done on them riding up the hill too. I doubt I'd be able to at them moment LOL

Karen said...

Great photos and FREE ice cream too!

Dawn said...

Hahaha! Gotta love kids and ice cream! Looks like they both enjoyed their cones!

listgirl said...

Aw man, I missed the annual free Ben & Jerry's cone??? I never miss this! Your boys look so cute eating them. Great job, them making up the big hills on their bikes!

Erika said...

Mmm, that sounds, and looks, so yummy! Great that you had the sun on your side. =)

bentonflocke said...

Free ice cream? That sounds fantastic - a paradise for kids!

Cute shots!

Great bike ride of the children!!