Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby cucumber and a peony

We have our first little cucumber! We will have to wait a couple weeks before it is big enough to harvest and eat. We have hot, sunny weather in the forcast for the next week so it should have plenty of time to grow. I read that cucumber grows well next to oregano, so I planted it behind my oregano plant.

Our peony bush is in bloom. It had several buds on it but Liam picked most of them so I only have a few flowers.


bentonflocke said...

what a wonderful flower - beautiful colour!!

Great to see your first cucumber!! It must be fantastic to have it´s own vegetables in the garden.

Hope we´ll see a pictures of the growing up cucumber

Erika said...

So exciting to see the cucumbers grow. Hope they turn out good! Lovely picture of the flower too, love the color.