Monday, May 25, 2009

Feeding the penguins

We have a friend who works with a woman who volunteers at the zoo working with the penguin on Mondays. We were invited to go visit her and get a behind the scenes visit to the penguin house. We got to pet and feed a penguin. We even got to see one of the baby penguins flap his wings for the first time. The boys enjoyed the up close and personal visit with the penguins.

The zoo has a birds of prey show during the summers. Today was the first day of the show. Christian has loved watching this most of his life. The Turkey Vulture landed on the ground right in front of us instead of on his perch. Christian wanted to run up and see him. I had to work to get him to stay away.

Turkey Vulture

Barn Owl

Bald Eagle

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Erika said...

Aw, those penguins are so cute! So exciting for the boys to go there behind the scenes. Penguins are fashinating birds, and so are the hunting birds too. I'd love to see a show like that. We missed it unfortunately when we visited our wildlife park last Thursday.