Saturday, May 2, 2009

Camera is back

I drove over to Sushi Land this morning and picked up my bag and camera. It is hard going with kids when I need to remember both kids and all of the other stuff I might have. We went to the zoo yesturday since the weather was so nice. The boys enjoyed seeing the animals. Liam is really into Leopards right now, so he enjoyed running back and forth watching the leopard as it paced. They also love the insect zoo. The beaver and river otter were active so it was fun to see them do something other than sleep.

David is working on building a second nesting box so the baby chicks have their own place when they go outside. He is using a shelf that I bought almost 20 years ago and have dragged it around with me to different apartments and houses. To show how old it is, I used to keep my records in it back in the day.
I took the boys to the neighborhood school to play while David worked. They were having a neighborhood clean-up day, so we could play basketball, but they enjoyed playing on the structure.


bentonflocke said...

I´m glad you had your camera and bag back.

Wonderful shots of your day in the zoo! We´ll got to the Zoo, today!

Erika said...

Great that your camera was still there!

Looks like you had a wonderful day, the zoo is so much fun. The boys seems to enjoy themselves on the playground too!