Saturday, May 9, 2009

plant starts and a sore throat

Liam is doing better. He was up again at 3:00 with a bad cough, but it was not croup. I finally let him put in a DVD at 5:30 because I knew he would do better if he was sitting up. I have a very sore throat now. David is out getting a slurpee for me to see if that helps. We celebrated our 12th anniversery today. A friend watched the boys while David and I went out to lunch. The friend who watched them is the same person we started seeds with about six weeks ago, so we picked up many of our starts today. The above photo is our Spanish lavendar which we planted 7 or 8 years ago.

David and I also went to a farmer's market today. I picked up basil and a cucumber plant. This is the cucumber plant.

Here are that starts we picked up today. We have so much stuff. I will have plenty to plant and a lot to share with neighbors.


bentonflocke said...

you are busy in planting...

but your shots are wonderful!

Hope you all are feeling better soon - and the evening with your DH was great!!

Erika said...

It looks so nice with all your plants. Hope you get a lot of goodies!

Linus also have had croup on and off in the winter, and it is so sad to hear him. Not much more to do than getting the air more moist and hope it doesn't get more serious. Hope you are done with it for this time!