Monday, May 18, 2009

Boofy, tadpoles and baby pears

I took a couple of photos of Boofy yesterday. The two babies are still spending most of their time under the hen house. The are starting to pop out a bit.

We went down to Oaks Bottom did a little hike in the afternoon.

Christian brought along a pad and colored pencils and sketched the a pod with tadpoles in it.

These are a couple more photos of us during the hike.

I took a photo of one of the baby pears on our tree.

This is one of our compost bins. As you can see from the weeds hanging out, it is quite full.


listgirl said...

So that's what baby pears look like!
I used to love tadpoles as a child. I loved looking at them and sometimes catching them and then letting them go.

Erika said...

That chicken is so cute. Very cool hair-do!
Looks like you had a wonderful day with your hike. And nice weather too.

bentonflocke said...

seems you had a wonderful day together!! Love all your beautiful pictures! But the one with the cool chickens hair is great!