Friday, May 15, 2009

New Kitten and Freecycle

We have a new kitten, Galileo. He looks an awful lot like Bronte did at the same age. The big difference is that Bronte screamed and meowed if we tried to hold her, Galileo meows and cries if I go too long without holding him. I really wanted a lap cat since Bronte and Luna and only affectionate when they want to be, which is not often. So far, it looks like I have one.

We have a birdhouse right outside the front window. I have been wanting to get a photo a bird on the birdhouse. It is very hard since birds tend to fly away if there is too much movement, like my reaching for a camera. I was able to get this one today.
I had a good week with Freecycle. I finally broke through my impass with knitting and am now officially working on a project. I wanted to get some more knitting needles and some crochet needles as well as some yarn. I put a request on freecycle and got a response. The lady gave me a bag full of needles and yarn. I am set for some starter projects. I also saw a posting from someone giving away empty egg cartons. We need more egg cartons so we can give eggs away when the chickens are laying at full force. I responded and drove out to Gladstone today and picked up a big bag of egg cartons. We are set for a while.

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bentonflocke said...

what a sweet kitten is that?? So cute! Wonderful bird shot!