Tuesday, May 5, 2009



I planted red onions last spring and they never go very big so I did not harvest them. They split into several onion starts each. I thinned out the red onions and planted the new starts around the yard.

This is one of the viola plants I picked up at the plant swap a couple weeks ago. It is looking so good.

The boys and have been fighting a cold for a few days. Today has been my worst day. I have felt like someone was taking a cheese grater to the back of my throat. It is almost 9:00 and I will be spending some quality time with that Nyquil bottle in a bit. If you do the stock market, this is a good time to buy stock in Kleenex. We are going to buy another case at Costco next payday at the rate we are going.


bentonflocke said...

wonderful plants you share with us!

Hope you are feeling better soon!!

listgirl said...

I'm glad you have your camera back. I hope you feel better soon from your cold!