Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Outdoor home-school

We are in a spell of nice weather. Today is in the low 70's, but it is supposed to go into the 80's tommorow and stay there as far as the long range weather forcast is available. We took our homeschooling outside this morning.
I took the chapter book we are reading now, Rascal, and read that to Christian while he colored in his tropical fish coloring book. David then brought out some wood and the two of them build a bird house.

We let the chickens free range while we were out there. I got some great pictures of Boofy and Christian. Liam did various projects with mud while we were out there.
We have some big plans in for the hen house. Check back tommorow, if we are able to pull everything together, we will have an announcement.


Erika said...

This looks like you've had a lovely day in the sun. So nice to be able to take the school outdoors!
And the hens are getting so big, I didn't realize that until I saw the pic with Christian and the chicken.

Melissa said...

What a wonderful way to spend a school day! Hope things pan out for the hen house plans :o)

JanMary said...

Great way to learn - thanks for sharing.

pldesigns said...

Hope your plans come together.
Looks like they had lots of fun outdoors.

listgirl said...

Awesome outdoors photos! Love that they built a bird house.