Wednesday, May 14, 2008

3:00 am phone call

I had a 3 am phone call situation this morning. I got up at 3:30 am to get ready for work as usual and as I was applying my self-tan lotion, I noticed blood on my finger. I had to figure out where it was coming from and big shock...It was coming from my nose (see yesturday's post). I had another nose bleed. Since I was getting ready to ride my bike to work, I needed to resolve this before leaving. I thought about ramming some kleenex up my nose and heading down, but decided that was not a good idea. I figured I should let my opening manager know there was a problem and I might be a few minutes late. I called Tess, who I usually open with on Wednesday. I told Tess my whole speal and when I was done she told me that she was not opening, Dan our Store Manager was opening. I called Dan, got his voice mail, left a message and my nose was better so I headed down the hill. Dan got the message and changed his route so he could go down the road I take and pick me up if needed, but I was so fast that I got down the hill a few minutes before he did. When we walked into the store, the phone was ringing and we were wondering who would be calling us at 3:58 am. It was another co-worker Allie and she was sitting in her drive-way getting ready to go to work and wanted to see if she was opening. She was the closer. It is funny that Dan had so many people awake and ready to work this morning. The other funny thing is that the four of us are the last four left that opened our store. Christian had his class play tonight. He did very good. I will post a couple of layouts with pictures soon, My attempt to upload this video failed. I will post to youtube tommorow and link it here.


susan said...

I bet your LOs of your son's play will be adorable. I hope you nose gets better soon.

PsiPsi said...

OMG on one hand this is truely a funny story with you 4 all ready to open the store*lol*
but I hope the bleeding of you nose does not come back

Creative Junkie said...

it's funny to think about all of you guys up and being productive when I'm completely zonked out at 3:00 am.

I hope your nose gets better - maybe some saline drops in case dryness is the issue?